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> Andreas Schik
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Burn.app is a GNUstep based CD burning program for GNU/Linux. It serves as front-end for Jörg Schilling's cdrtools, cdrdao, and cdparanoia.
You will no longer need to remember ugly command line parameters for cdrecord or write shell scripts. With Burn.app you compile your CD by point-and-click operation and save your projects for later reuse. Burn.app will hide as many settings as possible from you, thus making it very easy and user-friendly to create your own CDs.

Today, CDPlayer.app 0.5.1 has been released.
This release does not bring any new features, but is merely a maintenance release to make it compile and run on OpenBSD. Thanks to Sebastian Reitenbach for providing the necessary patches.

Note: CDPlayer is useful only if your CD drive is directly connected with your sound card. It cannot cope with SATA drives where it is necessary to read the digital data from the disc and then convert it to audio output.

(C) Copyright 2002-2011 Andreas Schik

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